Courses We Offered

For Young Learners
For Home Makers
For UG., Graduates & Working Professionals

 Intro of syllables

 Vowel Contrasts

 Consonant Contrasts

 Conclusions & Activity Exercises

 Vowel & Consonant Contrasts



 English writing (Topic-Wise)

 How many words can you make?

 Finish the sentences

 Usage of capital letters

 How many & How much

 Newspaper – Game

 Letter/Story Writing

 Missing words, Apostrophes

 Topic Based Paragraph Writing

 Writing Instruction-Game


 Movie Reviews – Work Sheet

 Missing Words – Quiz

 Letter Writing – Game

 Punctuation Rules

 Letter, Essay, Resume Writing

 Principal differences b/w UK & US English

 Alphabetical Usage

 Grammar for speaking

 Intonation & Speed

 Situation based role-plays

 Conversational Structure-1

 Conversational Structure-2

 Conversational Structure-2

 Phrasal verbs from letter A-F

 Practical Dialogues

 Pronunciation & Fluency

 Word Search – Worksheet

 Word Scrambles – Worksheet

 Job Interviews – Worksheet

 Question Time – Worksheet

 How to Read Time / Numbers?

 Following Directions after reading and understanding Map routes

  Poetry, Rhymes Lessons

  Common English Expressions

  Sentence Making

 Question Time

 Words ending with – ise, ize

 Words ending with – e, y

 Words ending with – ic, ical

 Basic spelling Mechanism

 Alphabet Spelling Game

 Spelling Rules

 Basic Grammar Rules

 Correct Grammar Use

 10 English Grammar Tips

 Common Mistakes in Tense Usage

 15 Essential Grammar Terms

 Formal & Informal Letters

 Enquiry & Dismissal Letters

 Appointment & Resignation Letters

 Reference & Apology Letters

 Cover Letter & email Writing

 Common differences b/w frequently used words

 Sports, colors & animals, related idioms

 English garden vocabulary

 Words for emotions

 Family relation vocabulary

 Words for group & collections

 Names of young ones of few animals

 People of different trades and professions

 Specific Vocabulary

 Idioms & Expressions

 Conversational structures

 Word Power & Spelling

 Idioms & Phrases

 Word Power